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Our Pressureless Roof Cleaning Process

An innovative way to clean algae, mildew and mold, which can cause roof discoloration or streaking, off of shingled roofs without destroying or replacing the roof.

Our process works through a chemical application without pressure. The chemical is applied with a machine that pumps the chemical up to the roof and is sprayed on like a fine mist.  Think of your garden sprayer you may use to spray for weeds or insects and this is equivalent to that without all the pumping or constant priming.  The chemical usually dissolves most of the algae staining within an hour. 

The remaining slight stains will gradually wash away with rain within 30 days.  As we apply the chemical to the roof there can sometimes be a little overspray around the roof’s edge that will come down over plants or windows.  We wet or rinse down plants and windows the entire time the process is taking place on the roof to eliminate any chance of damage to plants or clouding over windows from chemical residue.  The chemical does not harm siding of any type. 

If your roof has a lichen build up or round green or yellow spongy like mold, this sometimes can take longer to wash away or require an additional touch up application.  Once the application is applied it will continue cleaning and protecting the roof for up to 5 years.  Homes in shady areas may achieve a year less of protection while homes completely exposed to sun may achieve more.

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