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Terms & Policies

  • Scheduling
    Please call the office at (302) 945-4142 any time and leave a message if no one is available. Scheduling is based on the following:
    • Demand (on average 1 week's notice)
    • When we will be serving your area
    • Your approximate requested service date
    Wilkins Enterprises will call and schedule your service on a given day. We can not be precise on our arrival time. Top quality work and customer satisfaction knows no hourly time schedule. It is not required that the client be present. In the event we can not start or complete your job on the scheduled day, you will be notified immediately that this is evident.

  • Preparation (any of our services)
    • Remove any loose objects or items in obstruction of the contracted work area.
    • We will remove any items necessary if you do not. However, we will not be responsible for any damages.
    • Remove all screens from windows, if to be washed.
    • Close all windows for the duration of the day work is to be completed.
    • Remove any pets from close proximity to the contracted work area.
    • Refrain pets from drinking water runoff puddles.

  • Payment
    • Prepaid deposit may or may not be required (See Prepaid Deposit).
    • Payment must be cash, check, money order or VISA/MC.
    • Most clients are given 30 days credit, unless we are aware of or have had credit problems with you.
    • Payment is expected by the due date at the bottom of your invoice.
    • An invoice will be left in your possession or mailed to you.
    • Full payment is expected within 30 days after the completion date. Partial payments are only acceptable if agreed upon.
    • An overdue invoice or balance is assessed a 2% finance charge monthly and/or a $10 late fee.
    • Balances more than 90 days overdue are turned into collections for legal action.

  • Prepaid Deposit
    • Jobs over $1,000 must prepay 30% down on the day the job begins with the remaining balance due according to payment terms listed above.
    • Jobs requiring the rental of special equipment will require the client to pay in full the cost of the rented equipment on the day the job begins.

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PO Box 250, Harbeson, DE 19951
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